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H.Leffler & Son Pty Ltd has been providing leather and associated products to many industries for over 72 years. Our range of products covers over 5500 different lines.

Our new Vermani Pelli™ Cow Skin Rugs are the latest addition to our vast product range. These rugs are the ultimate in luxury, designed by European designers and crafted to exacting standards.

Vermani Pelli™ rugs truly are pieces of art. They have all been made to be slightly different, so each are a unique piece.

Please enjoy viewing these wonderful articles and when finished feel free to visit our main website www.leffler.com.au where you will find many other amazing Leather products and accessories.

natural patchwork rug

patchwork rug grey     cow hide patchwork     patchwork rug tri colour     cow skin patchwork rug natural     cowskin rug patchwork


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Address: 171 Kensington Road West Melbourne Vic 3003, Australia

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